Moazan Emran

Johor based photographer/videographer. 

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I love travelling and I love surfing. So of course, I love taking photos of both. 

I've always had a creative side. It wasn't really nurtured until I was much older. My biggest influence to art and creativity growing up was video games, comics and movies. 

My other biggest love was travelling.

THAT was nurtured since I was young because my parents traveled a lot. And because of that I've loved travelling ever since I was a kid. I remember I had a friend who had encyclopedias on the world and I would try to visit him as often as possible just so I could get to read them.  

I got into photography from around 18. It was more of a hobby back then. I never thought it would be something I could do professionally. I didn't think you could go to school for it. Instead I went to culinary school and was a chef for 5-6 years before I told my self this isn't what I wanna do. I then enrolled in a design school for entertainment, with zero art/design background. It was a great thing because I now knew why some movies did better than others.

After working in that field for another 4-5 years, at 29, I decided that I was gonna do what I wanted to do ever since I was 18, and that was travel. So I did, for 2 years I backpacked across Asia and Eastern Europe. I made some amazing friends, took some amazing photos, have some amazing stories to tell and memories to ponder over.